[R] Pretty onscreen plots?

Charles Annis, P.E. Charles.Annis at statisticalengineering.com
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I find the Windows metafile works quite well if you size the graphic in
R before right-clicking and copying as a metafile.  Resizing in
PowerPoint sometimes produces undesirable font characteristics.  Getting
the size and aspect ratio the way you want it in R, by dragging the
grapic's edges, avoids that.

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I use PDF and make my presentations in PDF using pdflatex, or even in
postscript and Distiller.  That way the final document has vector
graphics, and bitmapping only occurs at the very last minute, when the
projector resolution is known.

In theory win.metafile should do the same for powerpoint, but in
it is not as good.  Probably the metafile graphics driver could be
improved ....

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Andrew C. Ward wrote:

> Seth,
> The R functions png(), jpg() and bmp() will generate files that can be
used in
> PowerPoint. Previews can be added to postscript files, using Ghostview
> ImageMagik among others. I have done the latter in the past since the
> postscript files are of an excellent standard, and because I've wanted
both to
> display and print a report. Having separate viewing and printing
versions of
> graphs is not very convenient.
> Regards,
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> Quoting "Falcon, Seth" <sfalcon at fhcrc.org>:
> > I'm looking for ideas for creating high-quality plots for use in
> > presentations (powerpoint, etc) --- ideally high-quality png, jpg,
> >
> > The graphics produced using the postscript device look very good.
> > generated with win.graph(), png are plagued by the jaggy lines.
> >
> > So far, the only way I can use the postscript plots in my
presentations is
> > using separate screen capture software.  Can someone suggest a
better way?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > + seth
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