[R] Non-parametric predictive modelling consultant required

j+rhelp@howard.fm j+rhelp at howard.fm
Wed Feb 19 00:55:03 CET 2003

I have an urgent need for assistance with a complex predictive modelling
project - preliminary discussion with numerous statisticians suggests
that off-the-shelf packages (including existing R libraries) are unlikely
to provide a complete solution to the particular problem that we're

I'm looking for a statistics consultant to help with a short (less than 4
weeks) project. The project would probably suit those in academia doing
active research in the area of non-parametric predictive modelling, and
who are interested in some commercial applications. Some understanding of
basic economics would also be helpful.

Could anyone with expertise in GAMs, locally weighted multivariate
logistic regression, and/or logistic regression trees please send me an
email at jhowardATfastmailDOTfm ? I will send more information to those
interested - I don't want to waste other list members' time with these


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