[R] Rgui crash and Macro Magic

Day, Roger day at upci.pitt.edu
Mon Feb 17 23:39:03 CET 2003

You're welcome!

Here's some more:

this morning, even though the Macro Magic icon was not
displayed on the process section of the taskbar,
R was crashing again.
However, I found  Macro.exe in the Task Manager Processes tab.
Killed it, and then R worked fine.
Somehow, Macro Magic had reloaded, but invisibly this time.

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On Sat, 15 Feb 2003 22:03:50 -0500, you wrote:

>A consistent Rgui crash (1062 on XP) I was experiencing
>seemed initially to be solved by following  R Win FAQ 2.12: placing a 
>generic microsoft msvcrt.exe in rw1062\bin.
>But the crash problem quickly reappeared.
>Exiting Macro Magic, a keyboard macro utility,
>did solve the problem, apparently permanently
>according to my little "crossover design" study.
>I discovered this solution thanks to previous r-help messages about the

>dangers of keyboard macro programs.

Thanks for posting that.

Duncan Murdoch

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