[R] PL/R - R procedural language handler for PostgreSQL

Joe Conway mail at joeconway.com
Mon Feb 17 21:17:03 CET 2003


I've been working on a procedural language handler for PostgreSQL, that 
allows R to be used to write PostgreSQL functions. At this point, I 
think PL/R is ready for wider testing and use. If anyone is interested 
in giving PL/R a try, the documentation and source tarball can be found 


PL/R has been developed against PostgreSQL 7.3.2 and 7.4devel, and R 
1.6.2, on Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0 machines. You'll need a PostgreSQL source 
tree to compile and install PL/R. I'm sure that PL/R will *not* work 
with versions of PostgreSQL less than 7.3, but I'm not so sure WRT the 
minimum R version.

I'd appreciate any and all feedback.



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