[R] Help with tabs, and importing data

Alan Smith alansmith at wisc.edu
Sun Feb 16 02:06:03 CET 2003

I am new at using R and I am trying to import data from microarray 
experiments and analyze the data using the MAANOVA package and also 
bioconductor.  I have searched this lists email archive and could not find 
the solution to my problem so hopefully members of this group can help me.
R 1.6.2
My Problem:
It seems that MS excel is adding little boxes at the end of each cell when 
I save the file as tab delimited.  Is there any way to let R know by sep 
command that these little boxes really mean a tab is present?  I have had 
success using comma delimited format, but it seems that one of the programs 
I am using is designed to recognize tabs.
Another question:  Is there a way to stop MS excel (XP version) from 
placing these hidden boxes after each of the cells in a row and really 
place a tab?
Could you please reply back to my email address because I am not a member 
of this list.

Thank You,

Alan Smith
Graduate Student
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics
alansmith at wisc.edu

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