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dlltool is part of the compiler set, so that's where your troubles begin.

However, the instructions are not those for the binary install.  All you
need to do is to get RMySQL.zip from CRAN and put RMySQL/libs/libmysql.dll
somewhere in your path.

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, r meeks wrote:

> I don't know if this is the proper forum but here goes:
> I'm trying to install the RMySQL library under Windows XP.  The instructions 
> say to use reimp to create an R-compatible MySQL library file "libmysql.dll" 
> but when I try to run reimp I get the error "reimp: dlltool: No such file or 
> directory"
> Obviously something is missing or can't be found but I can't tell what from 
> the message!  I'm using fresh downloads of mingw utils and the RMySQL 
> library.
> And of course the library doesn't work in R - I get the message "Error in 
> testRversion(descfile) : This package has not been installed properly
> See the Note in ?library" when I try to load it.
> Other libraries work fine.  I realize this failure is due to the reimport 
> failure.
> Any suggestions?

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