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> Sorry for the stupid question, but is there the factorial function in
> R? I tried to find it using help.search('factorial') but got nothing
> appropriate.

There isn't.

But there are at least four different ways to do this -- from the S
Programming Workshop (by Dr. Ross Ihaka):

  # Iteration
  fac1 <- function(n) {
    ans <- 1
    for(i in seq(n)) ans <- ans * i

  # Recursion
  fac2 <- function(n)
    if (n <= 0) 1 else n * fac(n - 1)

  # Vectorised
  fac3 <- function(n)

  # Special Mathematical Function -- Gamma
  fac4 <- function(n)

Of these Gamma is probably the most efficient.  Note that the above hasn't
got any debugging codes, you probably want to add them.



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