[R] How to keep two Vectors to be

#JIA YIYU# yyjia at pmail.ntu.edu.sg
Fri Feb 14 09:20:03 CET 2003

Hi all,

I am beginner of R. I want to ask for help from you. 

I have two "data.frame" type object : s40 and s100. s40 and s100 have same structure: they are actually two dimention array like : 

V1    V2
34     6768
234   36
65     60

Now s40 and s100 have almost same value in V1, but they lack some value in V1 from each other. What I want to do is to expand them to be same long by inserting those lacking values into V1 of s40 and s50 and the responed value in V2 is 0 or mean of V2. 

Is there any easy way to set this problem down? Any help will be appreciated very much!

	Jia Yiyu

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