[R] problems with ess and xemacs on win32

Mathieu Ros mros at autan.toulouse.inra.fr
Tue Feb 11 17:30:04 CET 2003

>>>>> "SB" == Serge Boiko <boiko at demogr.mpg.de> disait:

    SB> Hi there; I have the following problem --- Xemacs cannot
    SB> correctly parse a path to file when I load it.

    SB> I have the following error, reported by Xemacs:

    SB> from ess-parse-errors: Error in file(file, "r") : cannot open
    SB> file `u:US-mortalityjuttalexible.r While the correct file path
    SB> should be: u:\US-mortality\jutta\flexible.r

    SB> Any ideas? Many thanks for your help.

on windows? try replacing the "\" by "/"...


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