[R] Wireframe (lattice) questions

Christopher Adolph cadolph at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 10 00:20:03 CET 2003

I have a few questions on formatting wireframe plots:

1.  How can I remove (or at least "white-out") the border on the plot?
(I.e., the 2-d box around the whole plotting area, not the 3-d cube).  I'm
willing to hack the code if necessary.

2.  Is it possible to suppress plotting of all sides of the cube except
for the axes?

3.  Is there a reliable way to print expressions in wireframe plots?  I'm
using the same code I use for other plots, but can't seem to get Greek
letters in the plots.  E.g.,

xlabstr <- expression(rho);


print(wireframe(z ~ p1 * p2,
                    drape = drape,
                    perspective = perspective,
                    colorkey = colorkey,
                    scales = scales,
                    distance= distance,
                    screen = screen,
                    aspect = aspect,
                    scpos = scpos,
                    shade = shade,
                    shade.colors = function(cosangle, height)
                    palette.shade(cosangle, height = .5, saturation =
                    light.source = c(0, 0, 1),

Thanks in advance,


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