[R] Postscript linewidth errors

Neil Klepeis nklepeis at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 7 05:21:03 CET 2003

Nothing in Rbugs or Rhelp on this that I could see:

[Redhat 7.3 (Intel); R 1.6.2]

R Postscript output contains a bunch of the following commands:

nan setlinewidth

And GNU Ghostscript 6.52 chokes with:

Error: /undefined in nan
Operand stack:

The figure is a fairly complex directed graph with varying linewidths. 
I am able to write the figure to the x11 and xfig devices just fine from 
within R, and even export to EPS from xfig with no problems. So it seems 
like a bug in the R postscript driver.

Anyone else see this?

Neil E. Klepeis, UC Berkeley, School of Public Health,
Berkeley, CA USA.
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It is the source of all true art and science.  --Einstein

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