[R] Command line completion?

David Forrest drf5n at mug.sys.virginia.edu
Fri Feb 7 03:02:03 CET 2003

Using R 1.6.0 on a redhat linux system, if I start typing at the prompt,
and hit <TAB>, it seems to do a completion based on the filenames in the
current directory, but upon hitting return after picking one of these
completions, it returns an 'Error: Object "xxx.yyy" not found'.

It /is/ helpful in completing a filename inside a function, (it even
supplies the closing '"'), but that doesn't seem especially useful.  It
seems that it would be nice for it to either attempt to source in the
object not found if it is a file name, or for the readline completion to
work on the list of objects and functions instead of the filenames.  As it
is, it seems to assume the right thing to do is something that it cannot.

Is there some bit of the documentation that explains the readline /
completion functions?

Thanks for your time,
 Dave Forrest    (434)924-3954w(111B) (804)642-0662h (804)695-2026p
 drf5n at virginia.edu             http://mug.sys.virginia.edu/~drf5n/

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