[R] options(chmhelp = TRUE)

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at medanalytics.com
Thu Feb 6 20:18:03 CET 2003

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>Hi all,
>   Here's a curosity I ran into since upgrading to 1.6.2 (precompiled

>for Windows). When using the chm help I get the following 
>warning. I saw 
>a recent post regarding this as a new warning (``dyn.load warning 
>message in R1.6.2 on Windows XP'' dated 1/28/03), but not in 
>the context 
>of the help system. The warning only appears once and does not
>the chm file from opening, so it's more of a minor annoyance. Should
>fill out a bug report?
>R> ?ls # use Rd help
>R> options(chmhelp = TRUE)
>R> ?ls # use chm help
>Warning message:
>DLL attempted to change FPU control word from 8001f to 9001f
>R> ?ls # open again, but this time no warning
>R> version
>          _
>platform i386-pc-mingw32
>arch     i386
>os       mingw32
>system   i386, mingw32
>major    1
>minor    6.2
>year     2003
>month    01
>day      10
>language R

I just tried the same sequence using 1.6.2 on my WinXP Pro system and
it works fine. I can bring up the CHM help file without problem or
warning messages.

You might want to be sure that you have all WinXP/IE service packs and
updates installed, which includes some brand new security updates just
released today.  These latest updates are not yet on the MS Windows
Update site, so be sure to use the WinXP AutoUpdate feature.


Marc Schwartz

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