[R] .Rprofile, .Rfirst, and .Rdata

Pierre Kleiber pkleiber at honlab.nmfs.hawaii.edu
Thu Feb 6 19:21:02 CET 2003

For me, it's useful to have local versions of .First in the working
directories of each project.  I put global startup stuff in .Rprofile 
and startup stuff particular to each project in the .First-s.  I've 
always thought that .First was designed for that purpose.

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David Richmond wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 09:30  PM, Henrik Bengtsson wrote:
>> What do you have in .First() that you can not have directly in the
>> .Rprofile script? For example:
> Nothing that I can think of, but it's the principle of the thing. If i 
> did have a reason to change .First, how would I do it ? More generally, 
> suppose I want to ensure a variable is set to a certain value in 
> .Rprofile, how can I be sure that R.data won't overwrite it? It just 
> seems like loading .Rdata after .Rprofile makes it difficult to change 
> things easily.
>> # ~/.Rprofile
>> cat("Running my .Rprofile...");
>> library(modreg)
>> cat("Running my .Rprofile...done");
>> Henrik Bengtsson
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>>> Hi all,
>>>     After a short hiatus away from R I have found that it's
>>> changed a bit.
>>> I used to keep a definition of .First in .Rprofile that did a
>>> couple of
>>> things on startup (load a couple of libraries). Now, I've discovered
>>> that when I change the definition of .First in .Rprofile it doesn't
>>> change anything when I start up, because .First is held over
>>> in .Rdata
>>> from the last session. The manual states that now .Rdata is loaded
>>> last, as intended. My question is, how do I change what's in
>>> .First (or
>>> any other variable, for that matter), if .Rdata will always
>>> override my
>>> changes? (I'd prefer not to have to do it manually, and I'd prefer to
>>> have all the other data preserved, rather than just leaving
>>> out .Rdata)
>>> Dave R.
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