[R] OT: Xemacs config help

Marc Feldesman feldesmanm at pdx.edu
Thu Feb 6 17:34:05 CET 2003

Sorry for the off topic post, but I haven't gotten help from
the usual places, and r-help is usually a treasure trove of

I'm using xemacs 21.4 & ess & r 1.6.2 on RedHat Linux 8.0 (I
also have the same under Windows XP, but that isn't my
problem right now).

I'd like to "ps pretty print" R code to study after I've
written it.  I can do this with no problem from xemacs under
Windows, but in Linux, I keep getting the same error:

ps-postscript-code-directory isn't set properly

I've scoured the net, have posted to the xemacs group and
all I can find are others with the same problem, but no
solution.  I'm still pretty new at Linux & xemacs and so I'm
somewhat stuck.  I'd really prefer to be able to print the
code directly from xemacs in a somewhat prettier format than
I get.  For now, I simply exit from xemacs and go into
another editor (gedit) that gives me better control of the
output format.

Has anyone here seen this message (or know what it means
beyond the obvious fact that xemacs can't find something it
expects to find) and know how to fix it?  Please feel free
to reply b/c if you don't wish to reply here.  

Many thanks for any help you can offer.

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