[R] .Rprofile, .Rfirst, and .Rdata

David Richmond daver969 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 6 03:57:02 CET 2003

Hi all,
	After a short hiatus away from R I have found that it's changed a bit. 
I used to keep a definition of .First in .Rprofile that did a couple of 
things on startup (load a couple of libraries). Now, I've discovered 
that when I change the definition of .First in .Rprofile it doesn't 
change anything when I start up, because .First is held over in .Rdata 
from the last session. The manual states that now .Rdata is loaded 
last, as intended. My question is, how do I change what's in .First (or 
any other variable, for that matter), if .Rdata will always override my 
changes? (I'd prefer not to have to do it manually, and I'd prefer to 
have all the other data preserved, rather than just leaving out .Rdata)

Dave R.

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