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> Hello,
>    Does R have any capabilities (or are there any add on packages) which 
> can do estimation of standard statistical models (means, regression, 
> logistic regression, etc) which take into account not only weights (e.g. 
> post-stratification weights) but also the sample design, such as 
> stratification and clustering information (to compute a robust taylor 
> linearized variance estimator, for example)?  Thanks much for any input,
>    Jason
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For ols, logistic, accelerated failure time, and Cox models you can do cluster adjustments using either the robcov (Huber-White-Efron methods) or bootcov (cluster bootstrap) functions in the Design library.  See http://hesweb1.med.virginia.edu/biostat/s/Design.html

Doing this as the same time as using weights may not be supported by the functions.
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