[R] simplify a data frame

Tord Snall tord.snall at ebc.uu.se
Wed Feb 5 15:16:02 CET 2003

Dear all,
For the past three hours I have tried simplify a data frame. I would be
really happy if someone could help solving this, I'm sure simple, problem.

I want to "aggregate" the data frame:

ObjektID	BalteNummer	Baltessegment
S.13	S.13.1		S.13.1.2
S.13	S.13.1		S.13.1.3
S.13	S.13.2		S.13.2.1
S.13	S.13.2		S.13.2.2
S.13	S.13.2		S.13.2.3
S.13	S.13.3		S.13.3.6
S.13	S.13.3		S.13.3.7
S.13	S.13.3		S.13.3.8
S.13	S.13.3		S.13.3.9

so that the results look likte this:

ObjektID	BalteNummer	
S.13	S.13.1
S.13	S.13.2
S.13	S.13.3

There are in fact many ObjektID.

Thanks in advance!


Tord Snäll
Avd. f växtekologi, Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum, Uppsala universitet
Dept. of Plant Ecology, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University
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