[R] test for two samples

Rado Bonk rbonk at host.sk
Tue Feb 4 15:24:03 CET 2003

Hi R-users,

My question is more methodological one, rather than technical.

I have to samples representing residuals based on two measurements 
techniques (resid1,resid2; n=69). I need to compare two samples, to 
reject one technique (the worse one), and to keep the one which gave 
lower residuals (better one). What to look for? What should I analyse? 
Means, variance, std. deviations?

Based on preliminary EDA:

mean_resid1 < mean_resid2	#I would reject resid2 technique
stdev_resid1 > stdev_resid2	#I would reject resid1 technique
var_resid1 > var_resid2		#I would reject resid1 technique

Based on means I would reject resid2 technique, but based on analyses of 
stdev. and variance I would reject resid1 technique.

How to deal with that problem? What is proper statist. atrribute to look 
for? Should I use t.test()?

Best regards,

Rado Bonk

Radoslav Bonk M.S.
Dept. of Physical Geography and Geoecology
Faculty of Sciences, Comenius University
Mlynska Dolina 842 15, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
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