[R] problems with sd()

Heberto Ghezzo heberto.ghezzo at mcgill.ca
Mon Feb 3 18:19:02 CET 2003

Hello, The other day I wrote about my SD() function did not work with NA 
in the input and it did not recognise the na.rm=T parameter.
BDR ask me if I had another SD function loaded. I did not wrote any sd 
function but with ls() there it was sd <- function(x) 
sqrt(var(as.vector(x)), I found out that it came from 
 BugsR\regression.r  an interface to WinBugs from R written by Andrew 
Gelman of Columbia U.
So if you use BugsR be sure to delete the redefinition of sd in 
regression R.
If somebody has the email address of Andrew Gelman please forward this 
one to him so he can fix it for the next version.
Thanks to all
Heberto Ghezzo Ph.D.
Meakins-Christie Labs
McGill University
Montreal - Canada

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