[R] correspondance analysis & clustering

Vincent Stoliaroff vsensae at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 3 10:52:03 CET 2003


1) I am using the function ca() of the package multiv to make a 
correspondance analysis of a matrix of categorical datas which are 
numericaly coded. I would like to be sure that it is considered as a matrix 
of categorical datas and not numerical. I cannot find any explicit mention 
of that in the help file for this function

2) I would like to take the resulting matrix rproj to do a clustering.
I use hierclust() and partition() of the package multiv

regarding hierclust()
when I use the method number 1 i get this error:
Error in hclust(a, method) : invalid clustering method

when I change the number of the method I get
Error in pmatch(x, table, duplicates.ok) :
        argument is not of mode character

As for the partition() function, I also have some troubles. It seems I 
should mention a vector of clustered centers for initiating the iterative 
optimization process. But I do not know where to enter it.
I get the following message
Error in matrix(0, ng, m) : non-numeric matrix extent

Has anybody ever encountered those problems?
Thanks a lot

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