[R] unable to open connection

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Sun Feb 2 11:34:02 CET 2003

zhu wang wrote:
> Dear list members,
> I have problem to load data of the library waveslim.
> After I load the library waveslim and tried to load data ibm
> data(ibm)
> Error in file(file, "r") : unable to open connection
> In addition: Warning message:
> cannot open file `ibm.txt'
> I also tried other data sets without success. It works for other
> libraries though.
> Any suggestions? Thanks.
> Zhu Wang

That's a bug in the package which occurs on Windows (only?). Thus CC to
the package maintainer, Brandon Whitcher.
A solution would be to present the files *either* as ASCII tables *or*
as R code files.

Uwe Ligges

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