[R] Does SJava work on Windows? It does (ish) on Linux

Heinz Grimm grimm.heinz at rcc.ch
Tue Oct 22 09:54:00 CEST 2002

Hi Peter,

>Apologies for posting to this list but my attempts to join the
>list bounce back with address unknown errors.

It's a typo in the omega web page. The correct mail address is
omega-help at omegahat.org (not omega-help at www.omegahat.org)

>I'm struggling to get SJava working on windows 98. I'm using R 1.6 and
>latest SJava 0.65 and JDK 1.3.1_04. I keep getting an Unsatisified Link

>error on initR.

>Our Java application gets launched with a wrapper script. I've put the
>library paths and current directory in PATH, specified them on the java

>command line using -Djava.library.path= (this is necessary otherwise
>DLLs cannot be located in the first instance, despite them being in
>I've specified the full pathnames of the DLLs in the System.loadLibrary
>calls, but to no avail. Why isn't the initR being resolved?

I had similar problems, see my summary:

>Do I have to compile R ( I assume the 1.6 R.dll is OK for SJava 0.65?).

I have done my tests with R1.5.1. There is a problem with SJava and R,
that has to be fixed in R, see

>Any help on getting SJava working on Windows is appreciated.

If you want to give it a try, I can send you the modified SJava

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