[R] RAM usage

Vaidotas Zemlys mpiktas at delfi.lt
Fri Oct 18 15:50:39 CEST 2002


> Dr. Zemlys: Have you tried with --max-mem-size option in the R command 
> line? Here is an excerpt from the FAQ file 2.6 There seems to be a limit 
> on the memory it uses! Indeed there is. It is set by the command-line 
> flag |--max-mem-size| (see How do I install R for Windows? 
> <cid:part1.06010309.09030302 at perseus.unalmed.edu.co>) and defaults to 
> the smaller of the amount of physical RAM in the machine and 1Gb. It can 
> be set to any amount over 10M. (R will not run in less.) Be aware though 
> that Windows has (in most versions) a maximum amount of user virtual 
> memory of 2Gb, and parts of this can be reserved by processes but not 
> used. Because of the way the memory manager works, it is possible that 
> there will be free memory but R will not be able to make use of it. Use 
> |?Memory| and |?memory.size| for information about memory usage. The 
> limit can be raised by calling |memory.limit| within a running R 
> session. We have found that starting R with too large a value of 
> |--max-mem-size| may fail: the limit seemed to be about 1.7Gb on Windows 
> 2000 Professional. R can be compiled to use a different memory manager 
> which might be better at using large amounts of memory, but is 
> substantially slower (making R several times slower on some tasks). -- 

When I tried to run my function on computer with 1 GB of RAM, I set 
memory.limit(1024), yet R froze when it hasn't had reached that limit. 
Windows task manager showed that R is using about 450 MB of RAM at the time 
when it froze. When I tried to run calculations without adjusting 
memory.limit, R exited from function with error message, that I should 
adjust memory limit, because it cannot allocate vector of some size.

So I think the problem is not with the memory limits.

Vaidotas Zemlys

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