[R] exec-ing R from Java

Tommy E. Cathey cathey.tommy at epa.gov
Fri Nov 15 00:14:52 CET 2002

I'm developing a Java module which exec's R by means of
the java.lang.Runtime class.
R is started from Java with code similar to

p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("/usr/bin/R --no-save");

Java then controls R by sending and receiving
messages over R's STDIN and STDOUT.
This works well except when plots are displayed to
the screen.

The windows are non interactive. They don't redraw themselves
if they resided, icon-ized , or obscured by other windows.

Can anyone please suggest how to make R plot displays
generated under Java's exec method behave like they do
when R is executed from the command line?



Tommy E. Cathey
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SAIC (Contractor to EPA)
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