[R] R: Error in plot.new() : axis style "d" not implemented

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Tue Nov 12 21:59:46 CET 2002

Hinnerk Boriss wrote:
> Hi there!
> Both on windows and Solaris platforms I run into troubles when trying to
> draw two plots on top of each other. Here a short code example:
> > x1 <- c(2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
> > y1 <- sin(x1)
> > x2 <- c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
> > y2 <- cos(x2)
> > d1 <- cbind(x1,y1)
> > d2 <- cbind(x2,y2)
> > plot(d1)
> > par(new=T, xaxs="d")
> > plot(d2)
> Error in plot.new() : axis style "d" unimplemented
> >
> And here an excerpt from the R help pages:
> xaxs
> The style of axis interval calculation to be used for the x-axis.
> Possible values are "r", "i", "e", "s", "d". The styles are generally
> controlled by the range of data or xlim, if given. Style "r" (regular)
> first extends the data range by 4 percent and then finds an axis with
> pretty labels that fits within the range. Style "i" (internal) just
> finds an axis with pretty labels that fits within the original data
> range. Style "s" (standard) finds an axis with pretty labels within
> which the original data range fits. Style "e" (extended) is like style
> "s", except that it is also ensured that there is room for plotting
> symbols within the bounding box. Style "d" (direct) specifies that the
> current axis should be used on subsequent plots. (Only "r" and "i"
> styles are currently implemented)
> As I understand the manual pages, this should work. However it doesn't.

Please read the last sentence you cited --- right, the one in brackets!
It means: "d" is NOT implemented.

> Is there any other way to combine plots and align them on the same axis?
> I hope someone can help.

Try points(x2, y2) instead of the second call to plot().
Maybe you need to scale the axes in the first call to plot(), or e.g.

 plot(c(x1, x2), c(y1, y2), type = "n")
 points(x1, y1)
 points(x2, y2)

Uwe Ligges
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