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Mon Nov 4 05:19:12 CET 2002

On Mon, 04-Nov-2002 at 09:02AM +1300, Corrin Lakeland wrote:

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|> On Mon, 04 Nov 2002 03:58, Matej Cepl wrote:
|> > Can the list be set-up so that only subscribed members of the
|> > list can post?
|> I'm sure it could, but I would like to note that this causes a
|> number of problems.  For example, the address I post from is not
|> the address I'm subscribed from. You can get around this by
|> autowhitelisting and similar, but it is a hassle.  I'd hazard a
|> guess that installing spamassassin would probably cause fewer
|> problems.

I, for one, am not impressed with spamassassin's algorithm for
detecting spam.  It would have given the message I'm responding to
points because it has a line all in capitals (the first one I've
quoted).  Another one I've had experience with took exception to the
fact that my Steven Wright quote contained the words "world's

Trying to make an algorithm that detects spam is kind of like trying
to travel at the speed of light.  As soon as a system is set up, the
spammers modify their tactics to "comply".  So it's never ending.

The eye is a better judge of spam than a computer algorithm.  I never
read the spam in question because I automatically deleted it since I
noticed it had the word 'urgent' in its subject.  Yes, it's annoying
-- particularly if you have to pay to download your mail, but I really
don't think a filter is doable.

Of course, if someone doesn't mind trawling through the rejects thrown
out by a filter and checks that they really are spam, it would be
greatly appreciated by the rest of the list provided it can be done
without holding up genuine posts for long periods.  Not a particularly
pleasant job -- kind of like who empties the compost bucket in your


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