[R] Debian packages for R-1.6.1 uploaded

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sat Nov 2 01:50:48 CET 2002

Debian packages of R-1.6.1, including r-recommended, have been uploaded for
i386 and should seen be available at http://incoming.debian.org. [1] These
will run on any current "testing" ("sarge") or "unstable" (aka "sid")

The next archive installation (around 14:00h Central time tomorrow) will move
these files into the package pool from where they will propagate to the usual
mirror sites.

The build daemons for the non-i386 architectures will then complement the
i386 release. We currently have 1.6.1 beta packages for alpha, hppa, i386, 
ia64, m68k, mips, powerpc, s390 and sparc. 

Regards, Dirk

[1] File sizes and md5sum checksum below

edd at chibud:~/src/debian> ls -ltrG r-*1.6.1*deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd        119902 Nov  1 17:18 r-mathlib_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd         43106 Nov  1 17:18 r-gnome_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd       4880410 Nov  1 17:18 r-base-core_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd       3945944 Nov  1 17:18 r-recommended_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd         13526 Nov  1 17:18 r-base_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd          1442 Nov  1 17:18 r-base-dev_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd        720520 Nov  1 17:18 r-base-latex_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd        778586 Nov  1 17:18 r-base-html_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd       4970526 Nov  1 17:18 r-doc-pdf_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd        308826 Nov  1 17:18 r-doc-info_1.6.1-1_all.deb
-rw-r--r--    1 edd        297768 Nov  1 17:18 r-doc-html_1.6.1-1_all.deb

edd at chibud:~/src/debian> md5sum r-*1.6.1*deb
0fad116878680fa8b42e35b88943ae61  r-base-core_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
5c594d02bf11620a9d467ce37008f647  r-base-dev_1.6.1-1_all.deb
b18c62f14ce9481041939443978d35af  r-base-html_1.6.1-1_all.deb
71977f53f3c3a3453d0f35636da3a634  r-base-latex_1.6.1-1_all.deb
c0fe681df43acd4df324353efa31ad9f  r-base_1.6.1-1_all.deb
53b785452da953c026af3561b47dc87f  r-doc-html_1.6.1-1_all.deb
cf6afa2f7c7f6eb568ffa3681f37cd4e  r-doc-info_1.6.1-1_all.deb
98d227750ddbef6bca5810b6fb84bb60  r-doc-pdf_1.6.1-1_all.deb
a6d06fe3889b3be639e7c09f344f1f44  r-gnome_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
3973b53cc3daa2f5220cfc1784d6f5e8  r-mathlib_1.6.1-1_i386.deb
1f6947304ca1d4ad20a84854c515ea6c  r-recommended_1.6.1-1_i386.deb

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