[R] R Report Generator: Submit to CRAN?

Zed Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Mon Mar 11 09:14:46 CET 2002


I have a decent working version of that report writing library which I'm
calling R Report Generator.  For those who don't know, this is a small
library I've been working on which lets you output just about anything
to an HTML "report" while you work, or as the result of a script.  I'm
eventually going to have it do nifty things like produce DocBook XML.

I have two questions:  1)  Does anyone think it is ready for inclusion
into CRAN?  2)  How do I submit it to CRAN?

I've managed to package it up into an installable R package and I have a
decent set of tests.  This latest version has the following features:

* Open your report with report.view (thanks to code borrowed from Robert
Gentleman <rgentlem at jimmy.harvard.edu>)
* A "current working report" is assumed as default, similar to plot
devices (although, my way of doing it is kind of a hack).  This means
you don't have to continually specify the report object you want to work
* HTML output functions follow same model.
* Bugs removed from many places.

Still not much in the way of docs, but getting closer.  See the
report-test.R and html-test.R files for an example of how it all works.

Please give it a try and contact me with any feedback you have.  Thanks.

Zed A. Shaw
University of British Columbia

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