[R] R extensions programmer help needed (London area programmer preferrably)

Neil Osborne perl_redhat_hacker at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 11 00:21:07 CET 2002

Hi All,

I'm not too sure if this is the right Ng to make this posting however, if it 
isn't I'd be grateful
if you could point me to the appropriate Ng for this post. I recently sent a 
similar post to this Ng
but got no response, if this is not the correct newsgroup for this kind of 
post, I will greatly appreciate
some feedback regarding where I'm likely to get a more favourable response.

I've recently discovered R, and I am so impressed by it's power and 
flexibility that I want to integrate
it into a research application I wrote in C/C++ a little while ago. I have 
succesfully built R on my machine
(a Win 2K workhorse) and am seeking to integrate R more tightly, into my 

My application generates large quantities of data based on various model 
I would like to integrate R with my application so that I can:

a) call R functions (including R functions I write myself) from my C 

b) In the function calls mentioned above, I would like to pass data from my 
application in the form of
   pointers to my internal data types, and carry out analysis on the passed 
data (using my R function).
   I may also want to return R results (converted to a pointer to my 
internal data type)

c) Create an R extension that will allow me to call my C functions from R 
and hence interogate my application
   directly via its C API (once again passing data back and forth by means 
of pointers to my internal
   data structures)

I know there is a lot of information about how to do this sort of thing  (if 
you can locate it), and I have
even peered into the "Writing R extensions" manual. However, the conclusion 
I drew from this exercise was
that, this represented too steep a learning curve for me, given my time 

Ideally, I would like to have achieved this integration by the end of March. 
I think it will be a much more
efficient use of my limited resources to enlist the help of an experienced 
person, familiar with this kind of
work, and pay them instead, for their assistance, rather than spending 
several months trying to "figure it out"
myself, and probably still not getting it right.

I envisage that the work required would probably take two full days (with an 
experienced R extensions
programmer) - which ideally, will be spread over one or two weekends.

I specify that proximity to London was preferable because as I mentioned 
earlier, I would like to integrate
R into my current application and it would be a lot more time efficient as 
well as effective, to do the
actual development on my machine, rather than mailing several different 
header files and libraries back and
forth, trying to replicate my computing environment (Windows 2K by the way). 
Besides there'll be far too many
header files and libs to be passing around to even make it a practical 

Proximity to London is not necessarily an absolute requirement, if you would 
like to travel from anywhere

(in the UK !), I will gladly pay your transportation expenses - I just need 
some help to get this

finished !.  I would be more than willing to hear from anyone who can help.

Thanks for your time and please e-mail responses directly to me (not this 

My email is perl_redhat_hacker at hotmail.com



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