[R] running SJava

Pauline Gu gu4 at llnl.gov
Thu Aug 29 18:58:34 CEST 2002

Hello, Stephen,

I encountered this problem before.  Here is my short time fix, please let 
me know if you find something better.
Thanks again, Dr. Rossini, for your quick response.

I tried pathSeparator <- ";" and then .JavaInit(), but it did not work, I 
guess because the pathSeparator statement overrode mine.

But, thanks for the idea, I tried version$os <- "Win32" and it worked.


At 04:40 PM 8/9/2002 -0700, you wrote:
 >>>>> "pauline" == Pauline Gu <gu4 at llnl.gov> writes:

     pauline> Dear Dr. Rossini,
     pauline> Thanks for quick response.  I checked into the source code of
     pauline> .JavaInit().  And I found out the problem is with

     pauline> pathSeparator <- ifelse(version$os == "Win32", ";", ":")

     pauline> and when I typed version$os and the program gave me 
"mingw32".  So, I
     pauline> guess it uses : as my pathseparator.  But, I do not know how 
to modify
     pauline> this function.  I do not find this function in R.  Can you 
help me,
     pauline> please?

How about:
         pathSeparator <- ";"


At 10:02 PM 8/28/2002 -0400, Stephen C. Upton wrote:
>Having problems getting started with SJava and request help.
>I get this error when running .JavaInit() (within RGui 1.5.1, on Windows
>Error in .JavaInit() : Couldn't start Java Virtual Machine: Cannot find
>the Omegahat interface manager class. Check you classpath!
>(Before you right back saying read the emails, please read further - in
>short, been there, done that)
>RWin 1.5.1 (install from binaries)
>OS Win 2000 SP3
>jdk 1.4.0 (could this be it?? I saw requirement for 1.2 or 1.3 - I
>wouldn't think this is the problem)
>SJavaWin_0.62-8 binary
>(. . . what else?)
>Install procedure:
>1. According to http://www.omegahat.org/RSJava/#Download,
>cd $RHOME/library
>unzip SJavaWin_0.62-8.zip
>2. did that
>3. got .Defunct error. email suggested changing SJava file in
>4. did that
>5. tried .JavaInit()
>Attempts to solve problem:
>1. Read the FAQ. Not much here on this one, although several emails
>requesting help on this one, with no apparent solution.
>2. Read the Archives. There were several emails concerning this, but
>though one even said problem solved, but does not. It's a java classpath
>problem, and not a LD_LIBRARY problem.
>3. RTFM. Actually, the Howto.pdf dated 16 July 2002 (page 5), in fact
>"The default values in .javaConfig are computed and fixed when the R
>library is installed These contain
>the entries of the default classpath necessary to locate the classes
>used to run the embedded Omegahat
>interpreter and also the system properties that control how that
>interpreter is created and behaves (e.g.
>class names for components, etc.)." The other manuals don't seem to
>cover the
>a. Tried setting a reasonable classpath, in my case
>C:/R/rw1051/library/SJava in a CLASSPATH environment variable. java
>should be able to find the
>org.omegahat.Interfaces.NativeInterface.OmegaInterfaceManager. However I
>noticed on the SJava file, in the javaConfig assignment, the
>expression      if(nchar(tmp) > 0)
>        classPath <- strsplit(tmp,":")[[1]]
>    }
>" which seems to split based on a unix environment and not a windows.
>Realizing I *shouldn't* need this just to see if things will run, took
>out my CLASSPATH (after trying other various settings).
>b. Tried modifying the SJava file where the default$classPath is set.
>4. Uninstalled by deleting the library/SJava directory and started over.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also willing to be a guinea pig
>for the windows stuff. Haven't tried a install from source. My next step
>if I haven't really mucked things up.
>novice R user, but plenty of java
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