[R] PDF output problem

Andre Rabello DOS ANJOS Andre.dos.Anjos at cern.ch
Tue Aug 27 18:09:34 CEST 2002

	I'm quite new to R, but I've already stepped into this problem:
I open a PDF device with:
pdf("Name-%d.pdf", width=10, height=10, onefile=FALSE)

And draw 4 histograms in a row, expecting the pdf device to
automatically number them from 1 to 4. What I get back is
only 2 images with names "Name-1.pdf" and "Name-2.pdf" that
contain the two last histograms I've plotted. Is it a known
problem? Or am I doing something wrong here?

I attach the script to this message in the hope somebody knows
the cause of this strange behaviour. Thanks in advance for
any help.


Andre Rabello DOS ANJOS, M.Sc.
Signal Processing, Data Analysis and Computing
Office: 32-2-A06, Tel: (+ 41 22) 767 5022
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CERN - EP/HC Division
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# Hello emacs (ess), this is -*- R -*-
# $Id$
# Andre DOS ANJOS <Andre.dos.Anjos at cern.ch>

# This script will run R, producing histograms
# generated with data from nat.

# Calculates the standard deviation of a vector
std <- function (x) {

# This function will produce a fancy histogram in R. The histogram,
# besides having the normal look, will display the total number of
# entries, the average and standard deviation (aka, sigma). 
nathist <- function (d, breaks = "Sturges",
                     main = "NetLogger Histogram",
                     xlab = expression(paste("Time (", mu, "s)")),
                     ylab = "Counts") {
  r <- hist(d, breaks=breaks, main=main, xlab=xlab, ylab=ylab,
            border='black', col='yellow')
  y <- max(r$counts) * 0.9
  x <- r$breaks[length(r$breaks)-1] * 0.7
  text(x, y, paste("Entries: ", length(d)), pos=4, col='blue3')
  text(x, 0.97*y, paste("Average: ",mean(d)), pos=4, col='blue3')
  text(x, 0.94*y, paste("Deviation: ",std(d)), pos=4, col='blue3')
  rect(0.99*x, 0.92*y, 0.99*r$breaks[length(r$breaks)], y*1.03,
  ##text(r$mids, r$counts*1.005, r$counts, pos=3)
  ## return(r)

#Set the column names

#Read-in the data table
my <- read.table("file.dat", col.names=colname, row.names=1)

# Data Transfer Overhead
datareq = my[,"ROSDATA.RECEIVED.1"] - my[,"ROSDATA.REQUESTED.1"] +

pdf(file="nat-rose.pdf", heigh=10, width=10, onefile=TRUE)
nathist(datareq, main="L2PU/ROSE Data Transfer Overhead", breaks=25)

# Gaudi Timings
pdf(file="nat-pesa.pdf", heigh=10, width=10, onefile=TRUE)
nathist(gaudi, main="PESA Timings", breaks=50)

# L2PU Overhead
l2pu = my[,"DELETE.L1MESG"] - my[,"GET.L1RESULT"] - datareq - gaudi
pdf(file="nat-l2pu.pdf", heigh=10, width=10, onefile=TRUE)
nathist(l2pu, main="L2PU Overhead", breaks=50)

# Queue Timing
queue = my[,"GET.L1RESULT"] - my[,"PUT.L1RESULT"]
pdf(file="nat-queue.pdf", heigh=10, width=10, onefile=TRUE)
nathist(queue, main="Queue Timings", breaks=50)

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