[R] column-plot of rainfall data

wouter.buytaert@yucom.be wouter.buytaert at yucom.be
Tue Apr 23 22:08:27 CEST 2002


I have some daily rainfall data from rain gages. E.g.:
date       p1   p2   p3
20/04/2002 10.2 8.6  6.3
21/04/2002 0.4  1.6  1.4
22/04/2002 0.2  0.0  0.4
23/04/2002 5.2  1.0  0.2

I'd like to plot them in a column plot by day, to be able to
compare them. I made an example in exell, that I attached, but
can't find out how to do it in R. The data vector is a POSIXct.


Wouter Buytaert
Institute for Land and Water Management
KULeuven, Belgium

Méér dan gratis internettoegang ... Yucom http://www.yucom.be !
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