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Patrick E. McKnight pem at theriver.com
Thu Nov 29 07:36:47 CET 2001


Perhaps the following code will do the trick :

	ICC <- lm(x~j + i,data=iccdata)
	edf <- df.residual(ICC)
	ems <- deviance(ICC)/edf
	bdf <- anova(ICC)[1,1]
	bms <- anova(ICC)[1,2]/bdf
	msb <- bms
	jdf <- anova(ICC)[2,1]
	jms <- anova(ICC)[2,2]/jdf
	k <- jdf + 1
	msw <- ((ems*edf)+(jms*jdf))/(edf+jdf)
	wms <- msw
	n <- bdf + 1
	theta <- (msb - msw)/(k*msw)
	winer11 <- theta / (1+theta)
	winer1k <- (k*theta)/(1+k*theta)
	sf11 <- (bms - wms)/(bms+(k-1)*wms)
	sf21 <- (bms - ems)/((bms)+((k-1)*ems)+((k*(jms-ems))/n))
	sf31 <- (bms - ems)/(bms+((k-1)*ems))
	sf1k <- (bms - wms)/bms
	sf1k <- (bms - ems)/(bms+((jms-ems)/n))
	sf3k <- (bms - ems)/bms

Invoke a few print commands for the output desired and voila, Shrout and 
Fleiss ICC's right from R.  I might have a few typos in the above code 
but the general picture works.  I tested the critical parts.  In 
addition, the parceling of the anova output is rather clunky.  I hope 
others will show us a more efficient method of extracting the sums of 
squares. Let me know if the results are consistent with your hand 



NB:  The general approach above was abstracted from Robert M. Hamer's 
SAS macro.
Patrick E. McKnight
Evaluation Group for Analysis of Data
University of Arizona
Department of Psychology
Tucson, AZ  85721
pem at theriver.com

Original message....

Hello, R-folks:

Here is a statement I use to make a data frame:

iccdata <- data.frame(i=rep(1:10,rep(2,10)),j=rep(1:2,10),


Now, how do you use (lme in) R to compute the Intraclass correlation for
these data?  I have written brute-force code to get the "right" answer, but
I cannot get the proper mean squares from any regression model I have tried.
It seems like it should be trivial, but I cannot do it!  I need this to work
in order to apply the technique to a much larger data set.  I could use my
silly code, in SAS, but I want to see and understand the variance
components.  After studying Pinheiro and Bates for a while, I naively tried
the following, which is not what I want.

>> ICC <- groupedData(x~j|i,data=iccdata)
>> ICC.lme <- lme(x~j,data=ICC)

Can you help me?  Thanks in advance!


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