[R] Are you experienced in SAS and R as well? Which of these would you recommend?

Michael Reinecke mreineck at uos.de
Fri Nov 23 12:31:47 CET 2001


Disapointed about SPSS I have to choose another statistic program. And altough I sympathise with the idea of a non-commercial software-project like R and I like the spirit of the R community (and of course I am not keen on paying 150$ to SAS for a one-year students license), I will probably buy SAS, because people I will work with use SAS and I want a close cooperation with them. Besides I guess that SAS is still much more powerful than SAS.

But: can ´t you convince me to choose R? I would appreciate that very much, because my sympathy is with the r-project. Maybe the syntax of both programs is quite similar, so I will still be able to exchange a lot of experience with my SAS-using future collegues!? Or I could even convince the newcomers to swap to R!?

If you know some arguments, I should consider for my decission, I am looking forward to hear (or read) of you!


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