[R] strange slowness of plot

Anne York york at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 25 16:46:07 CEST 2001

I observed similar behavior with a Pentium III running NT4 SP6. 

For giggles, I tried the script in Splus; with lty = 2, the plotting was as
fast as with lty = 1. But for lty = 3 and lty =4,  the results were
similar.  Also, when the plot is being rendered, the system is completely
tied up. 


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On Tue, 24 Jul 2001 apjaworski at mmm.com wrote:

>I just ran into this strange behavior.
>     y <- rnorm(1000)
>     x <- seq(0, length=length(y))
>     plot(x, y, type='l', lty=1)   - instantaneous
>     plot(x, y, type='l', lty=2)   - 18s plotting lines + 15s plotting axes
>= 33s
>     plot(x, y, type='l', lty=3)   - 76s          ,,               + 75s
>,,            = 151s
>     plot(x, y, type='l', lty=4)   - 40s          ,,               + 38s
>,,            = 78s
>A couple of observations:
>(1) The plots for lty>1 seem to be rendered in "one chunk", that is a blank
>graphics window appears and stays blank until all the lines appear at once.
>Then another long wait for axes.
>(2) While waiting for the plot, the computer becomes totally unresponsive.
>Typical ctr-alt-del does nothing.  Even pushing the power button does
>nothing.  I originally attempted the lty=2 plot with several hundred
>thousand observations.  The only way I could get my machine back was to
>disconnect the power cord!
>My system is as follows:
>(1) IBM Intellistation with PIII 1GHz, 512Mb of RDRAM, 20Gb SCSI160 drive,
>64Mb FireGL graphics card
>(2) Windows 2000 Pro
>(3) R-1.3.0 (original version)
>Andy Jaworski
>Engineering Systems Technology Center
>3M Center, 518-1-01
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