[R] How to use the .C() function? How to load the code?

Raphael Gottardo raph at alvie-mail.lanl.gov
Sat Jul 21 02:11:37 CEST 2001

Hello R-users,

I have a question about the .C() function in R to call a C function. I
would like to know how to load the compiled code into R (if this is what
I need to do) . Iam not an expert in R neither in C. So the online help
was pretty much chinese for me.
I use R under linux, I use gcc to compile my code:

Let's take a very simple example:
double  addition(double a,double b)

  double c;



then under R I use

But obviously it does not work since I haven't loaded or compiled
anything under R
.> addition(2,3)
Error in .C("addition", as.double(a), as.double(b)) :
        C/Fortran function name not in load table

I would really appreciate some help or some easy reading references.

Thank you very much,

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