[R] a < b < c is alway TRUE

Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Fri Jul 6 17:29:33 CEST 2001

On Fri, 6 Jul 2001, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> In R like C, FALSE is 0 and TRUE is 1.  This is a bad thing, but it's
> too late to change it now.  With that substitution, all the results
> look reasonable:  0>1, 1<1 and 1>1 are all false, but 0<1 is true.
> Why a bad thing?  Because it leads to absurdities like this whole
> thread has been discussing!
> What should they have done?  They should have done what Fortran,
> Pascal, etc. do, and have a separate logical or boolean type that
> isn't automatically converted to a numerical type.  In Pascal for
> instance, "3 < 2 < 1" is flagged as a syntax error, because you can't
> compare a boolean to an integer.  If you really want to do the weird
> comparison that R is doing, you need to enter it as "ord(3 < 2) < 1",
> and any reader will see that you're doing something weird.

Well, actually R does have a separate logical type for precisely this
reason. That's why, say
evaluates to TRUE in R, not to 1, and why logical subscripts are different
from integer subscripts
For example
returns the non-missing elements of x, but x[as.numeric(is.na(x))] returns
as many copies of the first elements as there are missing elements.

The feature/bug/wart in R that causes this whole discussion is that
numerical operators in R try to coerce their arguments to numbers, so that
if a or b is logical in
we actually evaluate

Also, we coerce going the other way in if() statements, to make
work. This latter coercion is relatively recent and was done for
compatibility with C programmers writing in S.

Certainly a<b<c has no sensible use: if c is numeric it is nonense and if
c is logical it is c & !(a<b).  I would even contend that it is a bad sign
if you know what
will evaluate to without careful thought or testing on a copy of R.


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