[R] cross building

Jun Yan jyan at stat.wisc.edu
Fri Feb 23 17:30:33 CET 2001

I was trying to learn cross building an R pcakage for windows on my linux
machine. I picked a relatively small library gee to test. I downloaded the
cross-tools and put them in my path,
jyan at ludwig:/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32$ echo $PATH

Following the instructions, I was able to go through the following:

jyan at ludwig:/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32$ make PKGDIR=/home/jyan
RLIB=/home/jyan/Rwinlibs STAMP=NO pkg-gee
  -C /home/jyan/gee PKG=gee RHOME=/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1
RLIB=/home/jyan/Rwinlibs \
  -f /a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32/MakePkg
make[1]: Entering directory `/a3/jyan/gee'
---------- Making package gee ------------
mkdir -p /home/jyan/Rwinlibs/gee
./README.too ./blurb ./test /home/jyan/Rwinlibs/gee/
  making DLL
make[2]: Entering directory `/a3/jyan/gee/src'
make[3]: `libR.a' is up to date.
i386-mingw32msvc-windres --include-dir /a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/include
-i gee_res.rc -o gee_res.o
------- Building gee.dll from gee.a gee_res.o --------
echo LIBRARY gee > gee.def
echo EXPORTS >> gee.def
i386-mingw32msvc-nm gee.a gee_res.o > Defs
sed -n '/^........ [BCDRT] _/s/^........ [BCDRT] _/ /p' Defs >> gee.def
rm -f Defs
i386-mingw32msvc-gcc  --shared -s  -o gee.dll  gee.def gee.a gee_res.o
-L/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32  -lg2c -lR 
make[2]: Leaving directory `/a3/jyan/gee/src'
mkdir -p /home/jyan/Rwinlibs/gee/libs
cp src/gee.dll /home/jyan/Rwinlibs/gee/libs/gee.dll
make[1]: Leaving directory `/a3/jyan/gee'
make -C ./help RHOME=/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1 PKGDIR=/a3/jyan
RLIB=/home/jyan/Rwinlibs help-gee
make[1]: Entering directory `/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32/help'
PERL5LIB=/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/share/perl perl build.help  -txt -html
-example -latex /a3/jyan/gee /home/jyan/Rwinlibs
 >>> Building/Updating help pages for package `gee'
     Formats: text html latex example 
make[1]: Leaving directory `/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32/help'
make -C ./help RHOME=/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1 PKGDIR=/a3/jyan
RLIB=/home/jyan/Rwinlibs contents-gee
make[1]: Entering directory `/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32/help'
perl Rd2contents /a3/jyan/gee /home/jyan/Rwinlibs/gee/CONTENTS
cat /a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/library/*/CONTENTS >
PERL5LIB=/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/share/perl perl build.help  -htmllists
make[1]: Leaving directory `/a3/jyan/src/R-1.2.1/src/gnuwin32/help'

Then I zipped the package and installed it on a Win98 machine. But when I
load the library, I got an error message:

Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
        unable to load shared library 
  LoadLibrary failure:  A device attached to the system is not
Error in library(gee) : .First.lib failed

What's the device not functioning? Was my cross-building missing
something? Thanks.

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