[R] Scatterplot - symbols coded by factor

Matt Pocernich mjpocern at ouray.cudenver.edu
Sat Feb 10 05:05:10 CET 2001

Hi - I would like to create a scatterplot with the symbols coded by a factor in each record.  Is their a better way than what I have used below?  I attempted to use the plot.factor, but cannot force it to make a scatterplot instead of boxplots.  I have considerd making a function with a 'for' statement for each level of the factor.  Is there a better way for when I am dealing with more levels of factors?

Thanks,  Matt Pocernich

Y <- c(40,38,30,47,25,32,13,35,27,24,20,13)
manuf <- factor(rep(LETTERS[1:3],c(4,4,4)))
data3 <- data.frame(X,Y,manuf)

plot(X, Y, type="n")
points(X[manuf=="A"], Y[manuf=="A"], pch = "A")
points(X[manuf=="B"], Y[manuf=="B"], pch = "B")
points(X[manuf=="C"], Y[manuf=="B"], pch = "C")

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