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Ko-Kang@xtra.co.nz Ko-Kang at xtra.co.nz
Fri Feb 2 21:26:04 CET 2001

You need to specify the abosulte path of the file.  Otherwise R will assume your file is in R_HOME/bin directory.

Ko-Kang Wang
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  hello!! i'm starting with R and i have some big problems:when i try to take a notepad document (or word) i can't put it into R!!!!
  i tried : read.table("nameofmyfile.dat") but it doesn't work!!!!! my computer says:error in file(file, "r"): cannot open file "nameofmyfile"
  I think i have to save my notepad file on another location....can u help me?????
  thank u very much
  veerle bury
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