[R] Solaris install problem ... mcount

Tim Hoar thoar at cgd.ucar.edu
Thu Dec 6 22:43:36 CET 2001


This is the third version of R I have installed and I am stumped on this one.

There is some unresolved external I cannot find...

/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -v   -o R.bin  CConverters.o Rdynload.o RNG.o apply.o
arithmetic.o array.o attrib.o bind.o builtin.o character.o coerce.o colors.o
complex.o connections.o context.o cov.o cum.o dcf.o datetime.o debug.o devPS.o
devPicTeX.o deparse.o deriv.o devices.o dotcode.o dstruct.o duplicate.o
envir.o errors.o eval.o format.o fourier.o gram.o gram-ex.o graphics.o
internet.o iosupport.o lapack.o list.o logic.o main.o match.o memory.o model.o
names.o objects.o optim.o optimize.o options.o par.o paste.o platform.o plot.o
plot3d.o plotmath.o print.o printarray.o printvector.o printutils.o random.o
regex.o relop.o saveload.o scan.o seq.o size.o sort.o source.o split.o
subassign.o subscript.o subset.o summary.o unique.o util.o version.o vfonts.o
xxxpr.o ../unix/libunix.a ../appl/libappl.a ../nmath/libnmath.a
-xlic_lib=sunperf -lsunmath -R/opt/SUNWspro/lib  -L/opt/SUNWspro/lib
-L/opt/SUNWspro/WS6U1/lib -L/usr/ccs/lib -L/usr/lib -lfui -lfai -lfai2
-lfsumai -lfprodai -lfminlai -lfmaxlai -lfminvai -lfmaxvai -lfsu -lsunmath -lm
-lz -lnsl -lsocket -lreadline -ldl -ltermcap -lm -xlic_lib=sunperf
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
_mcount                             CConverters.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to R.bin
gmake[3]: *** [R.bin] Error 1
gmake[3]: Leaving directory `/contrib/R-1.3.1/src/main'
gmake[2]: *** [R] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/contrib/R-1.3.1/src/main'
gmake[1]: *** [R] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/contrib/R-1.3.1/src'
gmake: *** [R] Error 1

I cannot find the object requiring "mcount", so I am having a hard time
trying to figure out where mcount might be hiding.

2[214]0 nightingale:/contrib/R-1.3.1 > cd src/main
0[215]0 nightingale:/<1>R-1.3.1/src/main > grep -i mcount *
list.c:static int       ItemCounts;
list.c: if(ItemCounts < MaxCount) {
list.c:             for(j = 0 ; j < ItemCounts ; j++) {
list.c:         SET_STRING_ELT(ans, ItemCounts, name);
list.c:     ItemCounts += 1;
list.c:    ItemCounts = 0;
list.c:    savecount = ItemCounts;
list.c:    ans = allocVector(STRSXP, ItemCounts);
list.c:    ItemCounts = 0;
list.c:    if(ItemCounts != savecount) {
list.c: ans = allocVector(STRSXP, ItemCounts);
list.c: for(i = 0 ; i < ItemCounts ; i++)
0[216]0 nightingale:/<1>R-1.3.1/src/main >

Any help?

Thanks -- Tim

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