[R] Re: R-0.65.1 for WinNT/9X

Peter B. Mandeville mandevip at uaslp.mx
Fri Oct 8 13:27:14 CEST 1999

Glad your back!

Peter B.

At 10:34 AM 8/10/99 +0100, you wrote:
>A binary distribution of R-0.64.2 for Windows is available at
><CRAN>/bin/windows/windows-NT (at least at Wien).
>Enjoy it.
>guido masarotto
>                      Windows News (since R0.64.2)
>New function savePlot() to save plots to wmf, gif or ps.
>There is now support for help via compiled HTML files (as used by the
>latest Microsoft products): set options(chmhelp=TRUE) to use this.
>You will probably need Internet Explorer 4 or later installed to use
>this, or you can install hhupd.exe from the windows/windows-NT/base/etc
>directory on CRAN.
>There is support for building Windows help files (as in Windows 95).
>Set options(winhelp=TRUE) to make this your preferred help system.
>Both compiled HTML files and Windows help are available for the
>standard packages.
>The new function update.packages() is supported if you have wget.exe
>(a copy is in the windows/windows-NT/base/etc/wget.zip on CRAN) or
>lynx.exe, from http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/lynxport.htm.
>On NT only, CPU times are returned by proc.time() (using a call to
>Rotated text on a windows / win.* device is placed more accurately,
>especially for non-multiples of 90 degrees.
>A windows() device reports itself as `windows' not `X11'.
>getenv() now returns all the environmental variables.
>unlink() can now remove (empty) directories (but not using wildcard
>The complex LINPACK routines which were not included in the Unix
>versions of R are now omitted here.
>There is more support for (support of) ActiveX Automation via the
>Rproxy.dll: see the file front-ends/readme.
>As under Unix, .Renviron is first searched for in the working directory, 
>then in the home directory. (See README for how the home directory is
>The sockets code is definitely working in this version, enough to support
>source.url and friends.
>options(pager="console") is set as the default if --ess is used (as it
>works better with Emacs).
>The rounding code has been re-written to be more accurate and to round
>to even as documented.
>The rw-FAQ is linked into the HTML help system.
>We believe the problems with re-sizing windows (especially on Windows 9x)
>have been solved.
>[ Because Guido Masarotto was ill for several weeks, rw0650 was only ever
>pre-released. ]
>There are many changes `under the skin' which are not reflected in
>user-visible changes, but either improve performance or will allow
>future enhancements.
>The environment variables have been changed: R_HOME is now R's home
>directory and R_USER is the HOME for the user which will be used by R
>(and defaults to HOME, if set, then to ${HOMEDRIVE}${HOMEPATH}, if that
>is set, then the working directory). (There are many other such
>changes in R: for example RLIBS becomes R_LIBS, although for the time
>being RLIBS is also recognised.)
>Saving a plot as postscript from the device menu will produce a
>portrait plot irrespective of the setting of ps.options().
>Saving a plot as a metafile should be more reliable on machines which
>report incorrect information on the size of the screen.
>The new flag --no-environ suppresses reading .Renviron and is implied by
>When rterm is used non-interactively either --save or --no-save must be
>specified: these is no longer a default of --no-save (for consistency 
>with Unix).
>More support for building R into other applications: see the examples
>in the front-ends directory of the source distribution.
>Interrupting by Esc or Ctrl-Break is handled internally by signals, so
>the `User Break' response will no longer appear, but in rterm ^C will
>be echoed.
>There is limited support for `tilde-expansion': file paths such as
>~/rest will be expanded to ${HOME}\rest if HOME is set, or to
>${HOMEDRIVE}${HOMEPATH}\rest if those variables are set.
>Using rterm either interactively or with --ess will be more responsive and
>use much less CPU time when waiting for input.  Interruptions by Ctrl-Break
>or (under --ess, for use by ESS) Ctrl-C should happen immediately and be 
>handled correctly. [On NT: problems with Win 98 were corrected for rw0651.]
>The installer can now install correctly in a top-level directory (e.g.
>C:\), fixing a bug in the unzip code used.
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