[R] plotting text on a postscript device

Carlo Maley cmaley at cs.unm.edu
Fri Oct 1 03:33:55 CEST 1999

Jim Lemon wrote:

> Carlo Maley wrote:
> > It seems that the text command isn't working for a postscript device.
> Carlo,
> The offending command is generated in the plotting, I think.  It is:
> 77.04 91.44 563.76 714.96 cl
> on line 689 in the output on my system (I faked the numbers, so it may be
> different on yours)
> What is happening is the clip statement is excluding the labels.  You can
> hack it by just deleting this line from the output.  However, a proper fix
> will involve finding where the plotting routine generates a clip region which
> does not allow text to be added.  I'll see if I can trace it.
> Jim

This was indeed the problem.  commenting out the cl line that showed up around
half way through my file allowed the display of the text.

Thanks for the work around.

        - Carlo
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