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Niels Kokholm kokholm at math.ku.dk
Tue Sep 1 09:16:16 CEST 1998

I have some problems getting various versions of R to run on Windows NT.
The reason might be my inablity to locale the relevant README og INSTALL

The problem is that R dies before I can get to the prompt. I am just the
local computer guy trying to get to a point, where I can calculate 2+2.
Others are going to test real problems.

 A) Windows NT workstation 3.51 US with service pack 5.
 B) Citrix Winframe/NCD Wincenter (based on NT server 3.51 US) with
service pack 5A.

 Works as unzipped: after having canceled two file open dialog boxes
asking for .Rprofile the prompt appears.

 1) As unzipped: on startup, opens a file open dialog with empty header
and empty file pattern. If the open box is canceled (twice), the program
dies with an error:
 On platform A, Dr. Watson reports an application exception "access
violation (0xc0000005)". 
 On platform B Dr. Watson reports "Entry point not found", "The procedure
entry point SymLoadModuleFromFile could not be located in the dynamic link
library IMAGEHLP.dll" followed by "Application Error", The application
failed to initialize properly (0xc0000139). Click on OK to terminate the
application". Clicking OK is not enough to terminate the application
 2) After having copied RNew/library/base/R/Rprofile to RNew/.Rprofile,
the program runs OK (2+2=4) if it is the first time in the current NT
session execution of Rjune is attempted.
 3) Most times Rjune has been executed, either successfully with a normal
quit from the menu or with a startup error, further attempts to execute
Rjune in the same NT session fails as in 1). 

 As unzipped: flashes main and graph(?) windows and exits again without


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On Mon, 31 Aug 1998, Douglas Steele wrote:

> In article <x2lno5z16y.fsf at blueberry.kubism.ku.dk>, Peter Dalgaard BSA
> <p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk> writes
> >I think a better bet is Guido's port of R-0.61.3.
> For what its worth, I certainly agree.  I have not found Guido's port
> crash once.  Also, with Mingw installed its not too difficult to get
> dll's working etc.  There isn't a history mechanism yet, but that may
> available with his next port, which apparently is due soon.
> --
> Douglas Steele

On 31 Aug 1998, Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

> Jim Lindsey <jlindsey at alpha.luc.ac.be> writes:
> > Beginning of term is coming up again (in 3 weeks) and I shall be
> > teaching two courses using R on MS-Windows. Is any new version in the
> > works or should I install R-June to replace R-Sept? This is for a year
> > because it has to stay the same until second session exams in August
> > 99 are over. Many thanks! Jim
> R-June seems to be quite a bit unstable. I crashed it twice in 5
> minutes on Win95 while playing with the new menus, and there have been
> reports on not getting it to run at all on (some!) NT systems.
> I think a better bet is Guido's port of R-0.61.3.
> Personally, I'm split between upgrading to Guido's version or take
> another semester with good ol' warts-n-all RSept. (Or pound like mad
> at getting a version of 0.62.3 to work with the mingw32 compiler, but
> my time seems to be sifting right through my fingers these days and I
> haven't really got a clue about Win32 API programming.)
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