Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 19 22:17:07 CEST 1998

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Lindsey <jlindsey at luc.ac.be> writes:

    Jim> Yesterday, I corrected the bug in summary (for residuals) that I
    Jim> reported and then reinstalled base (in the same way I install my
    Jim> libraries). Later, when I went to use a library, what was my
    Jim> astonishment to see a message that library was not yet implemented.
    Jim> I eventually figured out that you have to do the make of all of R to
    Jim> get base installed correctly (it of course skips what is already
    Jim> made) and not R INSTALL it in the src/library directory.

Yes, ``The way'' for base installation and re-installation is


    Jim> This brings up a second problem. Reinstalling base still erases my
    Jim> (presonal) global Rprofile, something that I thought was supposed to
    Jim> be fixed in 62.

This is from the R-FAQ:

     In R, the startup mechanism is as follows.  R first searches for the
     site-wide startup profile unless the command line option
     `--no-site-file' was given.  The name of this file is taken from the
     value of the `RPROFILE' environment variable.  If that variable is
     unset, the default is ``$RHOME'/etc/Rprofile'.  Then, unless
     `--no-init-file' was given, R searches for a file called `.Rprofile'
     in the current directory or in the user's home directory (in that
     order) and sources it.  It also loads a saved image from `.RData' in
     case there is one (unless `--no-restore' was specified).  If needed,
     the functions `.First()' and `.Last()' should be defined in the
     appropriate startup profiles.

I.e., if you want a ``global Rprofile'', then use the RPROFILE variable:

	RPROFILE=/u/jl/R/Rprofile export RPROFILE	 (..sh)
	setenv RPROFILE /u/jl/R/Rprofile		 (..csh)

    Jim> It would also be nice if the proper options were given to mkdir for
    Jim> installing libraries: every time a library is reinstalled (debugging),
    Jim> mkdir now complains (twice) that it cannot create the directories
    Jim> because they already exist.

You are right.  Fritz ?

    Jim> The standard f77 shell for f2c complains about the option -fpic but
    Jim> works nonetheless.
    Jim> In the original compile of R62.1, saw the message saying that I
    Jim> should go on to make the docs, or at least help. But then it when on
    Jim> and did them without asking. I only want the mininal help on my
    Jim> portable so this is annoying.

Fritz has already answered this:  Use
	make R ; make help

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